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the exhaustive 27-day account of my tumultuous temporality
Materials: ink, paper
Video: 10 min animation, looped, via projector
Sound: 7 collaged soundtracks, looped, via 7 speakers

I thought about how memories are retrieved and stored. I felt as though I’ve lost many memories through time, either completely or partially due to false remembrance and hyperbolization. With this project, I’ve explored perception, memory, and time. By physically recording every day for 27 days, will the memories increase in quantity and quality? Does the past still feel like a tangled timeline? In the end, nothing changed about how I felt. Through the process, however, I discovered a louder inner voice and a more observational sense of self, similar to that of an out-of-body experience. Individual time is linear and through the procedural recording of my time, I am able to visually establish that concept of order. With the animation and sound process, the elements from my days are jumbled and distorted, representative of my memory’s turmoil. Thus, my work is not simply a timeline of my days but a map of my experiences as they enter and reside in my life.