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Photo by Jet Ni

Personal narrative and its evolution over time have always been the anchor for my practice. I have drawn inspiration from internal experiences and relational questions about my Asian American identity. Through diaristic documentation, I have explored how my memories expand and distort themselves into my present self. As a filmmaker with an interdisciplinary art background, my approach starts with the idea and its conversation with a potential form. I weave the digital and physical spaces I live inside to create a more simplified, comprehensive language as a reflection of that variety.

Currently, my thematic interests lie in the complicated emotions we experience in between much larger, normalized ones, particularly those that are seen in maternal relationships. My short film, “CONCENTRATE” (2022), follows the emotional build-up of tension and quiet anger that stems from receiving care that is also informed by normative gender and sexual expectations. The film itself is as vibrant and visually noisy as the child protagonist’s mental landscape, with flatness to mirror their reticent demeanor. In my upcoming film, “I Screampt for My Ma,” I am expanding this mother-child exploration to my friends and their mothers. Through memories of their complicated relationships, I hope to open the dialogue about our flawed bonds and ways in which we can navigate through them. In essence, my work serves as an outlet for not only the investigation of my inner self but also the research of emotional dynamics within the interpersonal relationships in my life. It is only through tedious inspection of the intricacies of personal lives, unfortunately, that my reality makes sense.

For those interested:
she/they, virgo


Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival | Kyiv, Ukraine; 2023

Drunken Film Fest | Oakland, CA; 2023

Film Maudit 2.0 | Santa Monica, CA; 2023

The Atlantis Awards | Chula Vista, CA; 2023

DigiEYE | Wexner Center for the Arts | Columbus, OH; 2021

29th Annual Fergus Scholarship Award Exhibition | Urban Arts Space | Columbus, OH; 2021

Can You See My Screen? | Hopkins Hall Gallery | Columbus, OH; 2020

Undergraduate Art Scholarships Exhibition | Hopkins Hall Gallery | Columbus, OH; 2020

Non-Human Intelligence | Hopkins Hall Gallery | Columbus, OH; 2019

Undergraduate Art Scholarships Exhibition | Hopkins Hall Gallery | Columbus, OH; 2019

OverClocked | Hopkins Hall Gallery | Columbus, OH; 2018